Physical Therapists

Patrick M. Manning

Patrick M. Manning, M.P.T., A.T.C.

Mark J. Orsi

Mark J. Orsi, M.S. , M.P.T.

Physical Therapist Assistants


Linda Romese, P.T.A.


Diane Ferianc, P.T.A.


Bridget Buskirk, P.T.A., A.T.C.

Athletic Trainers


Joseph W. Muraco, A.T.C.

Rehabilitation Aide


Jesse Gonzalez

Administrative Staff


Lisa C. Manning
Chief Financial Officer


Mary Beth Recker
Front Office Manager

What Our Clients Say

You guys have been great, very helpful and informative.”
– Bob Cooney, Mt. Oliver
I started at Manning P.T. after an auto accident – my entire body felt like it would never be back to normal. My neck and shoulder are are fine again and I don’t even need surgery for my torn rotator cuff.”
– Roger McDowell, Dormont
At Manning Physical Therapy, Patrick Manning works one on one with clients at every appointment.”
– Leslie Mckee, Mt. Lebanon

Several months ago I suffered a knee injury that required me to have an operation that resulted in having to utilize a cane for awhile. My surgeon said I would need extensive physical therapy to make a complete recovery.

I visited several different Physical Therapy offices to achieve a comfort level with the facility and the level of expertise of staff to address my recovery.

I chose Manning Physical Therapy. It turned out to be an excellent decision; I am now walking, jogging and exercising regularly without pain.

At Manning Physical Therapy I found:

– A friendly staff with great attitude
– Very knowledgeable staff
– Confidence that they could me make a complete recovery
– Explanation in plain English the nature of my injury and what to expect
– The steps we would take toward recovery
– Trust in knowing that I will recover

– Robin Walther, Jefferson Hills